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A Prophet of God speaking for God Items regarding President David O. McKay from the Journal of President Spencer W. Kimball

 Selected by Dennis B. Horne


Editorial note: most of the below comes from either official minutes or dairy narrations of formal Council meetings in the Temple. Follow links to read all of the entries.


Journal, March 5, 1953. Thursday, Additional. Pres. McKay had asked Marion G. Romney and me to administer the Sacrament, it being our Testimony-Fast day. After we completed, Pres. McKay said something like this: “I am sure the Lord is pleased with our program. I believe that this TWELVE is approved by the Savior as much as any he has ever had.

Elder Spencer W. Kimball’s Apostolic Call Experience From his own writings

 Compiled by Dennis B. Horne


            Elder Kimball’s Apostolic calling had several main components: the “long-distance” telephone call from Pres. J. Reuben Clark Jr. with the call itself; the mountain-top experience in which Elder Kimball received, after much mental anguish, spiritual confirmation and assurance; his visit with President McKay; and his sustaining and ordination. The journal entries below, with a few other items, describe these. I have underlined what seem to me critical and precious portions—especially that received on the mountain above Boulder Colorado:


Autobiographical account, “My Call to the Apostleship”:

Precious Highlights in President Spencer W. Kimball’s Journal Located, described, linked, and dated by Dennis B. Horne

Pearls . . . gems . . . nuggets . . . whatever you want to call them. Probably 98% of President Kimball’s diary (thousands of pages) is tedious in the general sense of being notations about meeting itinerary, travelogue, mission tours, ordination names, and weather reports. But the remaining fraction is more precious than jewels to the spiritually literate and appreciative, and to those that love the history of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Finding pearls made wading through the rest of it worth it.

The below pages contain a date, then a brief description of a journal item, followed by a link to the page it is on. These often run into more than one page, sometimes many. So keep reading or clicking the right arrow until you are sure you have exhausted the subject. Sometimes this means clicking that right arrow to get past a letter, pictures, newspaper clippings, or other intervening items. Sometimes words, lines, paragraphs, and even entire pages are redacted (blacked out; this is material considered sacred, private, and confidential). I have had some links change on me, so I also included dates to find if the links don’t quite get you there.