Friday, December 18, 2020

Learning Doctrine and Hearing Apostolic Testimony from Elder Marion G. Romney


(Prepared by Dennis B. Horne)

            Note: the below material is my Christmas present to all those who admire Elder Romney and love his teachings and testimony. Hear them below, all messages given before he entered the First Presidency.

            Elder Marion G. Romney, who passed away in 1988, has been called an apostle’s apostle. He was one of the greatest of their number, according to those who knew him best. One of his associates among the general authorities said that, “President Romney was much greater than most people knew.” There is no question that Elder Romney, through faith and righteous living, received marvelous spiritual experiences and manifestations (that he did not describe in detail) during his ministry. These continued until the day came that he could testify, albeit indirectly, but with little question for those with ears to hear and hearts to understand, that the Lord Jesus had personally shown Himself in very deed to this pure and humble apostle (listen to the final minutes of the last talk in the below list to see what I mean.)

            Highlights from the below audio file conference talks include his apostolic acceptance speech (that was actually video and is superb); his April 1953 message when he became almost upset with those church members who taught/teach the false theory of evolution instead of the true doctrine of the origin and mission of Adam; and those select and special occasions when he humbly but forcefully bore his special witness of Jesus Christ—his language was persuasive and powerful and convincing, as was the Spirit that accompanied his testimony.

            Elder Romney was the finest teacher or explainer in all church literature of the meaning of the book of Enos in the Book of Mormon (esp. vs. 4-13). Brother Romney experienced time and again what Enos had experienced; such was Brother Romney’s spiritual gift. In a few of the below talks he goes into some detail explaining this doctrine and spiritual gift from God. These to me are precious teachings and testimony.

            All those who take the time to listen to the actual messages in part or whole will be justly benefitted and spiritually uplifted:

 Elder Marion G. Romney, April 1948, bears his testimony extemporaneously, filing it with sweet doctrine, begins at 1:10:30:

 Elder Romney’s acceptance call to the apostleship; October 1951, among the greatest conference talks ever given (in my opinion); it is video and starts less than a minute in:

Watch out at about 14:23 when Elder Romney tells a joke. Behind the pulpit you can see Pres. Clark laughing as he looks at both Pres. McKay and Pres. Joseph Fielding Smith, who actually cracks a smile for a moment—that in itself is historic. Brother Romney then pays Brother Smith one of the finest compliments I ever heard. What a blessed brotherhood these special men had.

 Elder Marion G. Romney, April 1953 (starts at 10:30); begins teaching about the mission of Adam and gives vent to his strong feelings against evolution; bears his special witness at about 17:14:

 Elder Romney’s great extemporaneous discourse on the Atonement of Jesus Christ: 1:40:23,

 Elder Romney’s strong discourse on the gifts of the spirit; 1:46:33:

 Elder Romney, beginning of this message is his testimony with explanation as a special witness: 1:11:48:

 Elder Romney, September 1961, starts at 30:00; at 48:05 is a personal testimony of receiving the voice of the Spirit in his mind, giving him names of new stake presidents and whole sentences:

 Elder Romney on revelation, April 1964 conference; starts at 29:28; speaks of hearing the voice of the Lord in his mind at 38:45:

 Elder Romney, October 1964; starts at 38:08; sets forth the true doctrine of God; 54:30 begins his special witness and personal testimony:

 Elder Romney’s (October 1965) famous address on “Making Your Calling and Election Sure”: 1:41:28:

 Elder Romney, October 1967, address begins almost immediately; talks about the testimonies of special witnesses, 13:29; then at about 18:39 he begins bearing his apostolic witness at some length, including reciting a scripture verse under obvious emotion, near the conclusion, that leaves little doubt that he was bearing witness that he had seen the Lord Jesus Christ:



  1. Thank you for sharing these incredible talks. I have always enjoyed reading about President Romney as well as listening to his words. What you have provided is a treasure chest of spiritual knowledge. Thank you

  2. Thank you for listening to them, and may they edify and strengthen you and your family.