Monday, September 12, 2016

Mormon Book Bits #30: B. H. Roberts, Succession in the Presidency

Editor's note: This is # 30 in a series of posts by Dennis Horne about collectible books. The introduction is here.

“On his manuscript Priesthood and the Right of Succession, which was later published as Succession in the Presidency, Roberts closely collaborated with President Wilford Woodruff. … When the parliament and its accompanying pressures ended, Roberts resumed his heavy writing schedule. The volume Succession in the Presidency was published. John M. Whitaker had taken Roberts's dictation on this and other projects in the early part of 1892. He comments: ‘He [Roberts] is making plans for another great historical effort that will be of intense interest to the coming generation. He is a great, painstaking, student and one of the most accurate I have met with in all my days.’

“President Woodruff gave Roberts's book on priesthood succession an open endorsement when, after a public lecture in which the book was summarized, he arose and said: ‘He [Roberts] has given us an excellent discourse, and has told us the truth….’” (Truman G. Madsen, Defender of the Faith, 205-06)

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